(I am also a little goofy.)

(I am also a little goofy.)

Thank-you to everyone who has supported me. Couldn't do it without you. Below are some nice things fans have had to say!

Stunning sound. White Nights is a beautiful composition, complemented by your rich genuine vocals, fantastic guitar and poetic lyrics
— Agony in the Garden

You are very talented, you’re music is incredible. Your songs have a lot of sweetness, passion, soul and a awesome beauty voice. Keep working well!
— Kaniz

Hi Natalie, after a very hard weeks work I came here to listen to your wonderful songs and to totally loose myself and forget about the weeks stresses. YOU have the ability do soothe the soul. You draw the listener in with your voice and that awesome guitar playing. Its intimate and intense....yet happy...all at the same time.
— Steve Inglis

I am a singer-songwriter based out of Los Angeles. 

Honestly, my music writes itself based on life's many experiences and feelings. Music has always been my center since I was kid. From choirs and musicals to guitar lessons and a Capella groups,  music was more than a hobby or pastime; it simply was my way of life. 

It wasn't until my first year out of college that I came to this realization. I started to slowly pursue "my way of life" and let it find me. I am most content and completely carefree when I am writing a song or playing music for people. So why not pursue it? I have never been happier and hope you will enjoy my music

Please let me know your thoughts as I would love to hear from you!

Sometimes a simple photo can describe something better, so for lack of better words, here is my Instagram to show a little more about me: