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Natalie Ceva is a folk/indie singer-songwriter with lyric driven melodies that put universal feelings you could never describe into words. Based out of Los Angeles, Natalie pulls the audience in with her diary of sounds, poetic voice and dry witty sense of humor. Natalie truly encompasses a new take on the singer-songwriter genre.

Currently, she is in the preliminary stages of creating her second EP debuted to release in Fall 2016 where she will tour up the west coast collaborating with other artists. This EP will be slightly different as she is incorporating her new best friend, RC300 Looper as her band. 

Natalie's first EP “Atlas” debuted in August 2015 and was awarded several accolades: West Coast Songwriter's  notated "Atlas" as Honorable Mention for their 2015 Contest, featured on WOS Radio's Top 20 Songs and What's on my iPod, showcased on The Electric Radio Show's Featured Artist, SongwriterUniverse named "Atlas" as one of the Top 5 Songs for the month of July and GO Magazine selected Natalie for their article, 100 Women We Love for 2015. 

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Everything above is what I have been doing but doesn't really show who I truly am. So here is my bio as I know it. I live for coffee sunrises and a good book. The woods and mountains are where I feel at home. I am a huge animal lover to the point that I might have backed up the 405 in order to save a dog that was stuck in the  middle of the freeway (this was not taken well by my passenger. Do not attempt). I moved around a lot as a kid but my home is New Jersey (insert jersey joke here if you'd like but Jersey is awesome). My family means everything to me and I would't be here today if it weren't for them. I am obsessed with working out and crossfit. It is my therapy and music is my religion. I sing, write and create in order to connect with others. I live for that  moment on stage when someone is truly engaged. That moment when all of today's problems, our shields and armor are put down and we are back to our true selves. This is my story. What's yours? 

Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar / Natalie Ceva





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We are out (in the studio) back Fall 2016

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