To My Silent Hero

There are some people that get you where you are in life. Help you become the person you are today. Push you when you want to throw it away. Console you when you fall down. Cheer you on after each little step you take. I am fortunate to have had this person in my life from day one. This person is my mother.

She scheduled and drove me to countless voice, piano and acting lessons. Prepared with me for auditions. Encouraged me to keep practicing when all I wanted to do was hang out with friends. Gave up her time and energy to give me everything she could.

My mom was the one who sparked my love for music. Listening to her sing Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" on guitar,  I wanted to be just like her.  

She is the one who believed in me to start this dream and continues to encourage me to trust the path I am on. Sometimes, the people that mold and create you do not get the recognition they deserve even though they were the ones that have been there silently believing in you even when you yourself gave up. Thanks to my mom, I am here. And because of her confidence in me, I am pursuing what I love.

In the end, I might not be the next sensation or have thousands of fans but it would be okay. Because no matter what, she will be there. Cheering me on. 

Thank-you Mom. I owe it all to you.