Rethinking Our Complaints

I feel  that we complain a lot as a society.  I was in a conversation the other day and realized that 75% of what was being said, was whining about this or that. 

I am by no means a saint here. I do my fair share of complaining. “I don’t want to go to my lesson.. I’m tired… I’m cranky…Why is it 75, breezy and beautiful?” Yes, I am definitely not off the hook here. 

However, I’ve always been frustrated by our blindness and unwilling to see the moments we take for granted. Recently, I worked at an event called Ronald McDonald for Good Times. It was their annual Christmas party that they hold where I work at Warner Bros.

To give you a little background, this group provides year round programs for families and children impacted by cancer. They recapture the essence of being a child and allow them to throw away their fears if just for a little while.

I was able to participate and help coordinate their holiday party this year. You don’t realize the magnitude of this event until you see the approximately 1,500 kids and families stream through the gates with smiles plastered on their faces. The time and effort that the volunteers put into this party is clearly apparent from the countless events such as hired carnival rides, Christmas trees placed all over the lot, toys pilled everywhere, Santa Claus wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a myriad of other activities that any kid would enjoy.

It is impossible to capture in words, or even a photo for that matter, the joy that this event brought to these families.  They are going through the hardest time of their lives. And yet, I did not hear one complaint the whole day. Not one. 

This makes you realize what life really boils down too and to actually count your blessings. Revel in them. We are very fortunate. That’s not to say that our problems are worthless. They are still issues that we have to work through and therefore make an impact on our lives. I simply am saying, look at them a different way. Being upset that there is traffic is a good problem to have. Enjoy those problems. Because I bet any of those kids and families would trade with you in a second.  

I know I will be thinking of things differently from now on. Best wishes to the children at Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times.