The Nomad Years

I think everyone has had a time in their life when they wish they could hit fast forward and just get it over with. I have found that being in your 20's are one of those times, at least for me. Just starting out, still figuring out what you like, throwing money down the drain (aka paying rent), bad investments, working endless hours, and wondering, this it? Is this what the rest of life is about?

We want to rush past this to when we are stable, have a nice house, a family, a steady comfortable income and overall... security. We tend to say "I wish that... (fill in the blank)" a lot. The funny thing is, the only way we can appreciate the things we wish for, is from being a "nomad" for awhile. Living through these nomadic 20's. Getting stuck in sticky situations, feeling solitude, traveling down dead end roads and having to circle back, falling in love and having it not work out as we planned. It's within those moments that you are tested. To pull that strength that lives deep within your being and rely on it. Rely on yourself.

The only way to get to the blissful state of being secure, is to go through it. So, instead of constantly fighting an uphill battle, why not embrace it? Realize that this is not forever but it is something that everyone goes through. Set your eyes on the future and find yourself okay with where you are. You will get to where you want to go if you believe in yourself. 

Keep marching forth. It will all pan out. Trust that.

I listen to "Go Thru It" by Griffin House when I need a reminder. "We can never get around what you gotta go through."