The Blank Page: Resilience

So many writers talk about the blank page.  It’s freedom. It’s likely to be anything you want.

The possibilities are boundless. No boundaries lie in sight. It’s your own mini-life shrinked down to bite size. Your vision broken down to small manageable pieces. It’s do-able and suddenly attainable.

The open road consists of numerous signs, dead ends disguised as avenues and unscheduled road blocks. Its outcome is catastrophic. One is likely to throw their hands in the air and leave it all behind.

Sensory overload.

But the blank page is small. Just an old notebook page you may have used to write essays in from school. Coffee stained but still able to complete it’s job. It gently guides you through your life’s map. We are suddenly grounded.

As in everything, it is easy to lose track and look up from your page. But you must keep your head down. Stay concentrated and purely in the moment.

Tune out the static that envelopes you and stay on the ground. Feet planted firm and confident. Feel the dirt and embrace it. It will get you to where you want to go. But it takes patience and diligence and most importantly, unwavering trust in yourself.

Stick to the blank page. It does not and will not lead you astray. It will only improve your chances, your abilities, to achieve all you set your mind to.

Keep that blank page close. Don’t let it out of sight. Remain calm and continue your small steps to where you need to go. Your finish line.

The blank page will get you there. Just trust.

Don’t worry yourself with riddling questing and tainted views. Pay no attention to cheap words cloaked in disdain. They are worthless to your cause and are waiting for you to fall.

Pay them no time. This is your plan and it is the correct path. Don’t stray far.

Keep your head down but your mind awake. Your heart free from imposters. Stop muscling your way through. Let it come to you. It always does.

It is the truth, the very core of you and don’t let uncertainty scare you. There will be naysayers but they will pass by. Let them pass.


Stick to that feeling you have deep in your bones. It is the one constant truth.