"Fold or Fight": Lyrics Never Put to Music

Knots twisting my stomach working their way up my throat.

Clenching tight holding on, I beg enough is enough.

 Your inner monster climbing out of its cage.... Taking over body and soul

Only you can stop its roll. 

How could you let it get this far? At the end of our tunnel there is no light

I should have never asked, if you were going to fold or fight

I was your ticket to fly but even after I continued to stay, you still managed to lose your grip and continued to act as you may.

 Cataracts at 23, your perception of truth was cloudy.

And at the top of my lungs...I scream ever so silently

For all your talk, you don’t have much to say.

And you never did learn to listen.. Static has paved our way.


You have really dulled my senses

Poked, Jabbed, stuck me to the bone

But you no longer light my fire. You no longer ignite my soul.

My time is better spent alone than with you drilling holes in my skull.


The thing is you’re so broken yourself.

Unmanageable pieces too small to ever make whole.