Free Write: Web

Sun shining through,

catching glimpses of her beauty,

its dangerous beauty,

smiling eyes causes uncertainty,


that doesn’t stay long,

before her smile penetrates the heart,

dangling from my sleeve,

Its not right,

but she consoles and assures,

recreating the unreal,

into your reality.

So why not go along? It could be true

for what do we know? We can not even move.

Stuck to her silky throne,

Arms –fingers- toes,

Unknowingly tethered in silken ropes.

Wraps you up in soft threaded blankets,

Keeping you warm she claims

Warm from the bitter cold,

Yet looking out

Humidity creates morning dew,

The thought barely occurs

It’s a sweltering afternoon..

Twirl me around,

Swing me about,

Over and over,

Colors blur into dizzy paint strokes.

But something is amiss,

I’m uneasy I say and,

She stops.. smiles… then calmly works away…

Threading spools of lies,

so tight around my chest,

Breathing is short..

awareness is absent.

The smile I fell for

suddenly turns,

Transforms into a twist,

My eyes have never seen before.

Cacophony of alarms shutter my bones,

Warning signs ignite the lies,

The home my heart lives

is numb…frozen…cold.

But I find not a care appears,

for they have clearly been sewn,

Sewn deep in my bones.

All of a sudden,

Dread is replaced with enamor,

As I try to make myself glamorous,

As pretty as can be.

So calmly here I wait,

a smile glued to my face,

Her lips to make their way to me.